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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

is an important issue that concerns both the industrial sector as well as the public and private buildings, as the cost of electrical energy consumption holds the largest share of the total operating cost.

Electrical Energy Efficiency (or Energy Efficiency Improvement) is the reduction of the absorbed power and the consumed energy of an electrical installation, without impairing the normal operational activity being performed in industrial facilities, buildings or any other processes.

An energy efficient electrical installation attains operating cost reductions, while at the same time it achieves reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

It is important for companies, to develop their energy policy based on appropriate measures and efficient methods while contributing to environmental protection and sustainable development.

ENERCA’s activities

ENERCA is a newly established technical company, founded by two Electrical and Computer Engineers, who have vast experience in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects, implemented worldwide during the past years.

The main objectives of ENERCA are the performance of energy surveys and energy audits of the electromechanical installations, the elaboration of energy studies, the Energy Services (ESCo) provision and the implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects, aiming to the energy cost reduction on every separate installation.

ENERCA is also providing a wide range of energy solutions, including the electromechanical installations retrofitting, the energy infrastructure outsourcing, the power generation and the power supply through alternative suppliers.

The two main concepts of our action are the reduction
of the energy cost and the sustainable development

Energy Efficiency for all concerned

ENERCA addresses the major electricity consumers who are willing to reduce their energy cost and become more environmentally friendly and to those who want to adopt an energy management system (e.g. ISO 50001).

The industrial sector, the tertiary sector’s buildings (hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, data centers, etc.), the transportation sector (airports, train stations, etc.) and the maritime sector falls within the scope of applications of Energy Efficiency implementations by ENERCA.

Our Innovating Project

During an energy saving project implementation, the usual practice was to adopt individual and fragmented actions, limited to one individual part of the total energy use, such as the installation of LED lamps or the installation of local compensation systems. These individual types of implementations resulted in low energy savings that were difficult to measure and detect.

ENERCA's projects innovation lies on a holistic approach to the Energy Efficiency Improvement of each electrical installation.

Only with such a holistic approach is it possible to maximize the energy efficiency and to save electricity with visible and measurable results.

ENERCA's holistic approach - Graph

In particular, energy management measures and technologies are applied on every kind of end-use consumption, such as motor-driven loads, lighting, compressed-air systems, HVAC. The sum of each individual electricity saving gives the overall result of the total achieved energy saving.

Energy Efficiency Services & Applications

Energy Management System

ENERCA provides the AVAX platform, a Smart Metering and Energy Management System (compliant with ISO 50001), to support industrial facilities and corporations to monitor, analyze and manage, in real time, their energy consumption. It is supporting the following modules:

  • Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Short-term Load Forecasting
  • Demand Side Management (DSM)
  • Energy Consumption Modeling, as a function of multiple variables that affect the consumption
  • Expansion of the platform for application in the Maritime Industry

Energy Efficiency Applications in Electric motor-driven Systems

In all major electrical installations, the amount of electricity consumed by the electric motor-driven systems is the largest one.

ENERCA applies energy consumption reduction strategies on the electric motor-driven systems, through:

  • Increasement of the installation efficiency using more efficient equipment
  • Reduction of the motor’s output power through speed and voltage control
  • Reduction of input power through the reduction of network losses
  • Regenerated energy recovery in Energy Storage Systems

Compressed Air System Optimization Applications

Compressed air is one of the most expensive power uses in a production unit, as the system efficiency is relatively low. The energy saving achieved from system improvements, in order to maximize the efficiency of the Compressed Air System, can range from 20% to 50% or more of the system’s electricity consumption.

Applications to the Lighting installations

By the use of a lighting controller, a lighting control software application and by the installation of LED luminaires, ENERCA maximizes the lighting system efficiency, particularly in such cases where lighting is a major part of the electricity consumption.

Renewable Energy Sources

ENERCA designs, develops and installs Renewable Energy Sources systems and High-efficiency Cogeneration of Heat and Power (CHP) systems, which in conjunction with the implementation of the Energy Management System and the use of Energy Storage Systems, transforms the consumer's electricity grid into a smart grid. This gives the possibility of simultaneously consumption-production-management of the electricity (prosumer), achieving the optimal net-metering operation.

Project Developer Network Industry Badge Quality Assurance Assessor Industry Badge

ENERCA is a member of the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe and is the first IREE™ certified Greek company. The ICP organization unlocks access to financing for the industry and district energy markets by standardizing how energy efficiency projects are developed, documented and measured. ICP's Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ (IREE™) is an international certification that insures best practices, the right professionals and third-party validation are used to deliver high-quality projects that the customer can bank on.

Engineering Services

ENERCA provides extensive engineering services such as consulting services, preliminary project analysis, feasibility study, detailed design-supply-installation of electromechanical systems and project management in industry, buildings and other facilities.

Also, specialized studies are being elaborated, such as load flow analysis, power quality and harmonic analysis, power and short circuit current calculation, arc-flash hazard analysis, motors starting analysis, electromechanical equipment sizing, selectivity analysis, insulation coordination analysis, surges & transient analysis, emergency generators sizing, UPS & energy storage systems study, etc.

In addition, engineering services are provided for the audit of electrical installations, the elaboration of Power Quality Measurements, the implementation of management systems (ISO 50001) and for the Certification of the electrical installations, based on national Harmonized Documents.

Our Values and Vision

ENERCA's values summarize the corporate culture principles.

Integrity, trust, ingenuity, protection of people and the environment, as well as the emphasis on the perfection of the offered work, are the reference points for ENERCA's ethical practices.

Our mission is to provide reliable and high-quality services, personalized to the specific needs of our customers.

Emphasis on Perfection
Emphasis on Perfection

ENERCA’s key contacts

  • Nikolaos Lettas Nikolaos
    Dipl. Electrical & Computer Engineer
    General Manager
  • Nikolaos Pasialis Nikolaos
    Dipl. Electrical & Computer Engineer
    Technical Manager
  • Gerasimos Grekos Gerasimos
    Financial Manager
  • Vassilios Koukoulogiannis Vassilios
    Dr. Physics of Theoretical Engineering
    Statistics and Time Series Analysis
  • Vassilios Mavridis Vassilios
    Software Engineer
    Embedded Systems
  • Vassilios Tsitsiamis Vassilios
    Software Engineer
    Software Development
  • Konstantinos Kafkas Konstantinos
    Dipl. Electrical & Computer Engineer
    Power Electronics Applications
  • Dimitrios Theodoropoulos Dimitrios
    Dipl. Electrical & Computer Engineer
    E/M Installations Design


  • Grecian Magnesite
  • Sofia Med (Halcor Group), Copper Industry
  • ELVIAL, Aluminum Profiles Industry
  • KEBE Ceramics
  • Alfa Wood Group
  • KARELIA, Tobacco Company
  • Coca-Cola HBC
  • AVRA
  • APSI PINDOS, Slaughterhouses - Poultry Farms - Hatcheries - Feed Mills - Refrigeration Facilities
  • AMBROSIADIS, Slaughterhouses-Poultry Farms-Hatcheries-Feed Mills- Refrigeration Facilities
  • Amvrosia
  • VENUS GROWERS, Fruits Processing
  • VITOM, Fruits Processing
  • CHRISTODOULOU BROS, Fruits Processing
  • B&T Composites
  • TCH, Thessaloniki Concert Hall
  • AHEPA University General Hospital of Thessaloniki
  • EUROMEDICA, General Clinic Thessaloniki
  • PORTO CARRAS, Hotels-Grand Resort
  • Bimini World Resorts Bahamas, Hilton Hotel-Casino
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • University of West Macedonia, Department οf Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • University of Nicosia
  • Cyprus Energy Agency
  • German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce

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